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Rossi Fashion Investments

ROFINV, which means Rossi Fashion Investments, is the last creation of Nicola and Andrea Rossi, two entrepreneur brothers in the fashion world.
For more than twenty years Nicola and Andrea work in the fashion biz and manage production and trading in Italy and in the world from Varese, their native town in Italy.

Nicola and Andrea Rossi

ROFINV is their last idea and it profits from all the past experiences but, above all, it makes real their most ambitious plans, their strongest passions as the USA man casual or the pret a porter that women dream when they wish to feel unique. ROFINV will also work in the direct retail with an innovative idea.


The first projects are born from these passions and one of them is the re-launch of the iconic underwear brand Fruit of the Loom.

Another challenge is the Annìc collection, dedicated to the extraordinary femininity each woman has inside.

Again, the creation of a Concept look&business with signboard Annìc for the most modern retail.

Rofinv Srl - Rossi Fashion Investments - Via Sempione, 14 - 21100 Varese (Italy) - P.IVA IT03562740120

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